‘No indication’ that mass shooting in Dayton was racially motivated – police

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Investigators have not found any evidence of a racial motive in the attack on a bar in Dayton, Ohio. The gunman, who was shot by police, had 250 rounds on him. Six African-Americans were among the nine people killed by a white gunman who was shot dead by police.

Read more Dayton shooter who killed 9 people outside local bar identified as 24yo Connor Betts Authorities identified the shooter, a 24-year-old white male, as Connor Betts of Bellbrook, a Dayton suburb. He opened fire at a bar in the city’s bustling neighborhood in the early hours of Sunday, killing nine people, including six African-Americans, and wounding 14 more.

“Just based on where we’re at now we are not seeing any indication of race being a motive,” Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said on Monday, adding that 11 victims are still in the hospital.

The gunman managed to shoot at least 41 rounds during his less than one-minute rampage before being shot by police. The attacker may have been carrying up to 250 bullets with him, presuming all of his magazines were full, the official said.

The attack on a Dayton bar occurred just hours after another mass shooting that occurred in El Paso, Texas. A 21-year-old suspect armed with an AK-style rifle, stormed a local Walmart, killing at least 22 and injuring around 30 people before surrendering to police.

Also on Dayton shooter was apparently a self-professed ‘leftist,’ Warren & Sanders fan A manifesto posted online shortly before the rampage and attributed to the shooter explained that the attack was motivated by his hatred towards Mexicans and was meant to be a response to what he called the “Hispanic invasion” of Texas.

Authorities say they have not identified the motive behind the Ohio shooting.

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