CAC Monitoring Price Increases

  The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) says it has taken note of recent price increases locally.   Chief Executive Officer Dolsie Allen says the agency will continue to monitor price movements and implement measures to protect consumers.    “We are aware that the consumers today are facing a lot of challenges, high prices, and it is just not a very good time for us as consumers. But we know that we are a resilient set of people and we know that we will be able to maneuver and to handle these very challenging times, which is not just confined to Jamaica but is a global phenomenal right now. And so, we will see how best we can assist you consumers to navigate during these very challenging times,” she said.     Among the tools to assist consumers, Mrs Allen said the CAC has published a booklet online called ‘Eating Right When Money Tight’.    “We have put together some recipes to assist you to have nutritious meals, at the same time, on a very limited budget. During these times, we have to do more budgeting, we have to be more intentional in our spending. We have to ensure that we plan a little better in terms of what we will do, what we will buy; in terms of prioritising,” she asserted.    Additionally, she said urged consumers to download the CAC Jamaica app to get information of consumer issues, as well as compare prices across local supermarkets. The app also allows consumers to lodge complaints.   Mrs Allen was speaking on Thursday morning at a media briefing.