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Wine and Design a hit in Mandeville

Mandeville, Manchester:

The day of love was celebrated last week by millions around the world. But while many stuck to a traditional candlelight light dinner and chocolate, it was slightly different for some couples and a group of friends in Mandeville.

A menu of Moroccan goat with basmati rice, pasta with meat tomato marinara topped with Parmesan cheese, mushroom artichoke pesto pasta, callaloo and cream cheese topped pasta and bottles of fine wine were the backdrops to a spirited painting session. Yes, painting.

Coordinated by Gillian Chen said she wanted to offer something different to her guests.

“We’ve never had this here (in Mandeville) before, and so I wanted to do something different and make that option available to them (guests) …”

She added, “Wine and design is really about sipping a lot of wine and painting on wine glasses …

© Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares
We chose wine glass instead of canvas because not everyone wants to take home a big canvas to take up space and at least you can drink from the glass after …”

On primed glasses, each individual, through Chen’s guidance, expressed their inner style.

“I’m not a formally trained artist, but I have worked with many art teachers, and tonight, I just want individuals to have fun” Chen shared

While many unearthed their inner Piccasso daring to be different, others played it safe and kept it simple.

© Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares
But everyone had a very enjoyable evening.


© Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

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