August is pan month

Tomorrow, Laventille will once more open its arms to residents and visitors alike to come and share in the brighter side in the capital of the pan world. From 5 pm, the Laventille Steelband Festival Foundation (LSFF) will host its annual Emancipation Steelband Street Parade along the Eastern Main Road, Success Village, Laventille.

This edition marks 18 years of successful production of this event which has the largest participation of steelbands outside of the annual Panorama.

Close to 30 bands have indicated their attendance which includes the cream of the crop in 2016 National Panorama champion Desperadoes, bpTT Renegades, First Citizens Supernovas, Hadco Phase II Pan Groove, Massy Trinidad All Stars, CAL Invaders, Starlift, Pan Elders, Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille, Trinidad East Side, St James Tripolians and many more.

This event has established a reputation as an incident-free, safe, efficient and clean production, where no electronic music is played and pan rules.

Because of scheduling issues, the event, which is normally held on a Sunday, will be on a Saturday for the first time and its large numbers of patrons are specially reminded of that.

Pan Trinbago Inc will be commemorating the 24th anniversary of Steelband Month in August with a host of activities. This year?s celebration is in tribute to the late prime minister Patrick Augustus Manning.

The schedule of events dates from today, August 5, to Tuesday, August 30.

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These include events organised by the steelband parent body and its regions while others like tomorrow?s Laventille Steelband Festival, Pan on D?Avenue on August 27, are supported by the association.

August has been dubbed Steelband Month because of a number of significant events associated with the steelpan.

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Primarily, it was during Manning?s tenure as prime minister that the steelpan was declared the national instrument of the Republic of T&T.

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While it has been the norm to start the celebrations with an interfaith service, this activity will take place on August 21 at City Hall, Knox Street, Port-of-Spain from 10 am.

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The high point of the service is the blessing of the flags of the various member steel orchestras, followed by a civic reception.

The opening activity will be under the banner of the northern region.

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The ?after work lime? carded for CAL Invaders Pan Theatre, Tragarete Road, will take place this evening with a number of steelbands in attendance. 

There will be nominal cover charge on entry of $40.

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Starting time is 5pm. The region will also be in the spotlight on August 26 with its 1.2.3. Plus Concert at the Desperadoes Pan Theatre, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain. Admission is $75.

Steelband pioneer Milton ?Wire? Austin will be honoured by the south/central region on August 14 at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

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Show time is 4 pm. Admission is $50.

The focus will then shift back to the nation?s capital with Love Yuh Own. The two-day activity is scheduled for August 20 and the following day at the bpTT Renegades Pan Theatre on Charlotte Street, at 7 pm and 4 pm, respectively.

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A cover charge of $60 (single) and $100 (couple) on each night guarantees a fun time.

August 28 is designated Sport & Family Day.

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The all-day activity takes place at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Arima.

The younger members of the organisation will have their very own day on Tuesday, August 30 aptly called Youth Fest.

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This event is under the aegis of the eastern region and LH Pan  Groove at the LH Pan Theatre, La Horquetta, Arima.

The month ends with Independence Day brunches at various panyards/venues on August 31 including Starlift and Invaders.

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National Panorama champion Desperadoes will resume its 9 Fridays tribute to Manning on August 12 with a special concert at its Frederick Street panyard featuring the top six placed steelbands in this year?s National Panorama (large) final. 

Invited to perform are Supernovas, Phase II, Renegades, Trinidad All Stars and Invaders.

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The programme will be opened with a performance by the Desperadoes Youth Steelband. The action begins at 7 pm. For further information log on to Pan Trinbago website

Young queens on parade The 2016 Little Miss Africa T&T Pageant will be held on August 14 at 3pm, at St Madeleine Regional Complex, Circular Road, St Madeleine.

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Pageant marketing manager Ryan Louison explained: ?The Little Miss Africa T&T is a pageant for girls ages seven?12 years and is focused on the development and education of young girls about their heritage and culture while exploring their various talents.

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This is the only show of its kind in south Trinidad and it is geared towards the upliftment of young girls within the various communities across our nation.?

 As part of their presentation the girls would be required to depict a prominent African queen which they would have selected and researched.

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In preparation for the event the girls would be trained on deportment, public speaking, drumology, African dance and taken on field trips to educate them on their African history.

2016 Little Miss Africa T&T Pageant contestants and their portrayals    Jaecel Garcia: Queen Nefertiti of Egypt  Leanne Ameerali: Queen Llinga, Warrior Queen of Congo  Shynille Paynter: Queen Amina of Nigeria  Zianne Richards: Queen Makeda of Ethiopia  Elesha Boatswain: Madame Yoko of Sierra Leone  Emelia Boatswain: Queen Anna Nzinga of Angola

A family affair Alumni, past and present teachers, friends and family of Queen?s Royal College (QRC) and its wider community, are all invited to the 2016 edition of the school?s Reunion & Family Day on August 14, from noon, at the College grounds, St Clair.

Admission is free and light refreshments will be on sale, and all are encouraged to walk with their coolers and baskets.

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No glass bottles allowed.

After the success of last year?s event, the intention of the event this year is to give back to the college and the wider community by offering for the second year, activities for families and individuals of all ages: children?s fun zone, soca cardio, cricket on the courtyard, all fours, and the return of the one-pot cookup.

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Part of the proceeds from college memorabilia sales and the QRC ?Contribution Box? goes back to the college through the QRC Old Boys? Association, to assist with the college’s academic and co-curricular endeavours.

The present QRC First XI Football team will be featured in the reunion football match to close the day?s proceedings.

The lime and fun will continue into the late hours of the night, when the different eras get together to reflect on their best days at the College.

QRC, with humble beginnings in the late 1800s, was established with the intention, ?that its advantages should be open to those of every race and every religion, and that the education given should be of a decidedly superior character.? 

For over 140 years, QRC?s legacy of outstanding academic, sporting, political and theoretical contributions, has drawn many bright minds to benefit from these advantages as first idealised by Governor Hamilton in 1870, where since, some come to learn as students and others through the profession of teaching.

For more information on the Reunion and Family Day, please call 472-4204, 620-0428, 681-7879, 790-0129, 320-6904, 680-3260, 764-4020, 372-0712, 489-4867, 759-5419, 702 -0393, 364-9997, 387-2411, 620-4772  


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