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AFC not wiped


Prime Minister and acting President Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Public Security and Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan (Delano Williams photo) …leaders say party still holds 10 % of electorate AMID comments that it is no longer a viable political force, Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC) Khemraj Ramjattan has assured that despite challenges at the recent Local Government Elections, the party has not been wiped out and continues to maintain its 10 per cent base of voters.

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The bottom line is that we have maintained our base which has always been about a 10 per cent of the votes in this country…this very annoying, false set of analysis that we are ‘wiped out’, well you know where it’s coming from. It will always come from there and they want to take the propaganda space to talk about the ‘demolition job’ that might have happened. It has not happened,” he asserted.

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Can’t concoct figures Prime Minister and Elder Statesman of the AFC, Moses Nagamootoo then added that the opposition ought not to “concoct figures” to fit their political views or use racial tactics as these continue to damage the vision of social cohesion the coalition holds for the country. “What is irreplaceable in the analysis is that if you call it ‘the 10 per cent party’ it is still a credible force in Guyana and you have to reckon with it,” he began.

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He stated further: “The fact of the matter is that ethnic voting has been evident in these elections as we have had in past elections and the plight of the sugar workers had been made into a racial and a political football and unfortunately, we have to grapple with the issue of the divisiveness which ethnic polarisation can cause.”

In addition, Ramjattan stated that the AFC will be doing its own investigation on why it would have underperformed in certain areas. “We have also been analysing why in Berbice we might have underperformed to the extent. But then, we had to make very, very hard decisions, one of which was sugar and we feel that the sugar decision is absolutely correct because it would have dragged the entire economy,” he said, adding: “Indeed, a lot of sugar workers are in Berbice and in Canje; Corriverton; and Whim and in all those areas we are going to have some follow-ups.”

Put aside political bias Meanwhile, the coalition congratulated all citizens and political groups who participated in the LGEs even as they urged citizens to put aside political biases as they work together to develop their communities.

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“It is now time to shed political partisanship and join hands and unite in working together for the development of our communities. The successful candidates now have an opportunity to participate and to lead in the process of the renewal of the communities and to continue the reversal of the decay that has beset many of our NDCs as a result of the near collapse of the Local Government system during two decades of neglect,” he said.

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The prime minister then reaffirmed central government’s commitment to working with all elected municipals and neighbourhood democratic council bodies to improve the lives of citizens countrywide. “The coalition remains strong and united and is now more intent than ever to intensify the work in realising the good life for all Guyanese,” he said

Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister (ag) Carl Greenidge vowed, too, that the coalition remains steadfast in its commitment to local governance and democracy. “These Local Government Elections were a clear demonstration of the democratic renewal that has been ushered in by the APNU/AFC administration. The results, more than anything else, represent a victory. A victory for democracy and for the people of Guyana,” Greenidge said

He stated further that the elections saw all major municipalities remaining under the coalition’s governance while victories were recorded in several NDCs. They both thanked the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and its staff for their efficient execution and supervision of the election ensuring it was “free, fair and credible”