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Firefighters’ vehicles broken into at 4 Broward fire stations

In less than one week, more than 30 vehicles parked outside four Broward fire stations had their glass shattered and items stolen, including firearms, according to law enforcement officials.

?It doesn?t seem random,? said Veda Coleman-Wright, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff?s Office. ?It seems like they are targeting fire stations.?

The first incident happened Nov. 28 at the Pembroke Park/West Park Station 27, 2610 SW 40th Ave. Coleman-Wright said four cars parked near the fire station were burglarized.

The next incident happened sometime between Saturday and Sunday when 17 vehicles ? including marked and unmarked units and personal cars belonging to firefighters and law enforcement personnel ? were broken into.

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The vandalism took place at Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Station 32, 3400 SW Fourth Ave.


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