Cuba: A New Theme Park, Higher Wages Despite US Boycott

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Despite the US economic blocade, life goes on as usual in Cuba with the announcement of new theme park about to open along the lines of the film ‘Jurassic Park.’ The park that recreates the era of the dinosaurs will open in Havana this year, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city, on November 16. A report from the Cuban News Agency states that the Parque Forestal (Forest Park), located in Havana-based Almendares Metropolitan Park, will become a dinosaur-themed center.

What was initially thought up as a project to restore this site, which included an ecological classroom, has now expanded thanks to the donation of 12 dinosaur installations, Metropolitan Park Deputy Director Maria Beatriz Bianchi said.

The replicas of the extinct animals will be located in the forest area and will allow for visitor interaction, as they move and roar.

Some of the dinosaurs measure up to 12 meters high, requiring greater infrastructure for their placement.

The Metropolitan Park exhibited similar dinosaurs several years ago, but as part of a traveling exhibiton.

The new dinosaurs will be permanently displayed, and will become part of the environment of Havana’s Metropolitan Park, the deputy director said.


Cubans enjoy the summer vacation period today despite the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States, stressed Economy and Planning Minister Alejandro Gil. The summer vacation period in Cuba began in July just after the end of the school year. During July and August, government institutions prepare recreational options for the population, including a cultural program with concerts and other demonstrations throughout the island’s geography.

The Economic Minister added that those who seek to prevent the development of the island will ‘only have bad news,’ in reference to economic measures that began in July with a salary increase for more than 2,700,000 employees and pensioners in the budgeted sector.

In this regard, President Miguel Diaz-Canel announced July 26 that new government decisions will be announced in the coming weeks.

According to the president, a salary reform, a price reform, as well as the unification of the country’s two currencies, among other measures, are forthcoming.

Such decisions, according to the president, are intended to raise the living standards of the population, even in the difficult circumstances imposed by Washington’s siege against Cuba.