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Clean-up starting in Bush Hall

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Clean-up starting in Bush Hall

In an effort to reduce the mosquito and rodent population in densely populated communities within the Eunice Gibson Polyclinic’s catchment area, the department is collaborating with private and public sector stakeholders to remove bulk refuse from the zoned area.

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Residents are requested to place bulk refuse such as stoves, refrigerators, wood, galvanize, containers and tyres in front of their houses for collection and separate metal and wood.

Modelo russian gigi

Refuse will be collected from 1st and 2nd Avenue Bank Hall, Dash Road, Water Hall Land, Pasture Road, Hill Road, Eagle Hall Main Road, Industry Road, Quarry Road and Holders Land.

Modelo gigi russian

The clean-up will extend to Kew Road, Promenade Road, Marine Road, Accommodation Road, New Perfection Road, 1st and 2nd Avenue Accommodation Road, Military Road, Bush Hall Main Road, Ocean View Road, Perfection Road and 1st to 4th Avenue Alleyne’s Land.

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Residents of Review Road, Bush Hall Yard Gap, Civilian Road, Pioneer Road, Chapel Gap, Syndicate Road, Paradise Road, Bow Road, Butlers Avenue, Stadium Road and Spooners Hill should also put out their bulk refuse.

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The campaign is one of the activities in the ongoing community-based vector control programme currently being implemented in Bush Hall and surrounding areas.  (BGIS)


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