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Is PMI a waste of time?

Nuevos Vecinos, Madrid, España
Is PMI a waste of time?

#TalkbackTuesday: The national security minister has announced that the Government will be cutting the majority of the funding provided to the Peace Management Initiative (PMI) and will instead be investing more in the rehabilitation of social amenities and police stations as social intervention has not worked in the crime fight.

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Social media give their views on the decision.

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n Can’t speak too strongly on that ‘cause I haven’t analysed the work of the Peace Management Initiative, but I think a merger or a deeper alignment with the JCF would have gone down better. You know, let them take up a more clerical role in stations so we have more boots on the ground to get the Peace Management Initiative more active in community policing, helping to squash domestic disputes before dem become fatal, u know dem way deh #mythoughts. – @ceejay_876

n Nothing is wrong with the idea to me. – @marshall8_7

n I say upgrade law enforcement and education and all these so-called initiatives will become irrelevant. – @burniedee

n Testimonies are out there re the PMI benefits of good works. To disturb a unit such as this is a setback to progress. Many beneficiaries of PMI will tell you that it has saved their life. As long as the youths are occupied doing something progressive, there is little room to encourage wrong doing. The ministry of national security is pussyfooting with the situation. – @woodhy_

n They should not cut the funding but put more money at it. This crime monster threatens our economic stability; we can be a very rich little country. We have weed that we are still playing around with. Canada definitely has not. – @attorneyweseh

n This is the stupidest thing in a string of missteps this government has done regarding crime. There is a lot of research globally documenting the efficacy of the PMI approach. The militaristic approach/SOEs has not worked. We should be increasing the budget for PMI, not cutting! – @@MJosephMarshall