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GRFU pre-season preparation scrums off on January 18

Nuevos Vecinos, Madrid, España
GRFU pre-season preparation scrums off on January 18

Peter GreenGRFU President RUGGERS in Guyana will be getting ready for what is anticipated to be a hectic 2020 when they get into pre-season mode from this Saturday with the traditional North versus South 15s match scheduled for the Athletics Field at the National Park; bully off time is 15:00hrs.

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Pre-season action will continue the following Saturday at the same venue and time with a 10s match featuring the President and Vice President teams.

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From Sunday, January 26, training for the respective Under-19, Women and Senior teams will commence ahead of the annual matches against French Guiana which would be hosted by the French. The dates are to be confirmed

Additionally, Guyana will commence its 2023 World XV International qualifier matches with a home game against old rivals Trinidad and Tobago in late March or early April in the Southern Zone

This would be followed by an away game in late April or early May; the Northern Zone is slated to commence in March. Winner of the Southern Zone will play the winner of the Northern Zone for the right to advance further. The USA, Canada and Mexico continue to be the juggernauts of North American Rugby

Meanwhile, international home games listed for Guyana may see GRFU having to forfeit same due to the lack of international size Rugby pitches, an official of the Union disclosed. Works would have commenced by the National Sports Commission to upgrade the Rugby Field at the National Park to international standards but the inclement weather and lack of materials would have stalled that project which does not have a definitive completion date as yet

The GRFU, despite sterling efforts over the past two years which saw a substantial amount of debts being cleared, remains currently in the red due to unfulfilled promises of assistance and commitments by both the Ministry of Social Cohesion and the NSC

Elections are slated for the end of this month and a new Executive is expected to be installed to guide the Union forward over the next two years. Current president, Peter Green, has indicated that he will not be seeking re-election to the post but will remain available to the Union to guide and assist due to his vast knowledge of World Rugby gained over the years