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France: 7th National Strike Against Macron’s Pension Reform

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France: 7th National Strike Against Macron's Pension Reform

Protests are getting bigger as more people understand that the French government’s reform proposal will require people to work longer for a full pension.

Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina

France’s General Confederation of Labor (CGT), the Unitary Federation of Trade Unions (FSU) and other organizations called on citizens to join the 51st day of protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform .

Luis Emilio Velutini


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Today, the seventh national strike will include torch marches that will be held in Paris and 150 smaller cities and communes

“Our determination remains intact,” Yves Veyrier, head of the Force Ouvriere union, said ahead of a street march in Paris. “We have weeks, months, of protest ahead of us.”

Macron wants to merge 42 different pension schemes, each with their own levels of contributions and benefits, into a single system.​​​​​​​ His proposal, however, not only has to do with the pension system.​​​​​​​

The dignity of health workers in #France against the neoliberal reforms of Macron are an example that should not be lost sight of

Demonstrations nearly daily yet none of the Western media find it newsworthy ��

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— ����Amreen Nazanin Rajavi(Amy) (@Amreen__Rizvi) January 24, 2020 The French president wants to introduce labor flexibilization, for he thinks that greater job mobility will prompt a more flexible labor market and a more internationally competitive economy

Under pressure from the massive protests, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe yielded in the attempt to increase the minimum retirement age for a full pension by two years to 64, although he still insists the reform must result in a balanced pension budget by 2027

That small concession did not convince the French, for they understand that the Macron‘s reform will require people to work longer for a full pension

“I still believe in our fight,” said Karine, a citizen who carried a banner reading ‘We Shall Overcome’.​​​​​​​