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Opposition Senator Chides Gov’t Side For ’empty Words’ On George Wright Issue

Opposition Senator Chides Gov't Side For 'empty Words' On George Wright Issue

  The issues surrounding Westmoreland Central MP George Wright  caused uproar in the Senate on Friday, with Leader of Opposition Business Donna Scott Mottley accusing government members of using empty words and trying to avoid doing the right thing.   It started after Government Senator Natalie Campbell Rodrigues indicated she would read a statement from the women of Parliament condemning gender-based violence, which was read on Tuesday in the House of Representatives.    “Having been advised that the senators across the isle do not wish to adopt the statement, we on this side nonetheless, wish to endorse the statement and I therefore wish to include it into Hansard, given its intension of inclusion,” she declared.     Senator Scott Mottley took issue with the comment, saying she  deeply regretted that her colleague gave the impression that the Opposition Senate “does not share the sentiments expressed in that statement.” She contended she would not “stand here and allow that to be said about this side as though we do not support the call and as though we do not condemn violence.”   But Senator Scott Mottley insisted the statement did not go far enough and consisted of empty words.    “There was a reason why the women parliamentarians were being brought together to issue a statement and this matter has not been addressed by members,” she argued, chiding the Government members for not having “an independent voice to say, ‘I condemn one of my colleagues.'”    She said while there might be rules which prevent Mr. Wright from being expelled, parliamentarians should take a moral stand.   Mr. Wright has taken leave of absence from the House of Representatives in the wake of allegations he was involved in a physical altercation with a woman which was caught on video.   The police have ended their probe because of lack of evidence to support the allegations.