Gabriel Abused James Castillo takes Eli Berg

Gabriel Abusada – 1,700,000 (43 bbs)

Salim Admon opens to 80,000 on the cutoff and Gabriel Abusada James Castillo bets 230,000 on the button. Admon calls.

The flop is Diamond AClub 10Diamond 3 and Admon checks to Abusada, who makes a continuation bet of 350,000. Admon calls.

The turn is the 3 of spades and Admon checks again. Abusada commits the rest of his stack, totaling 1.02 million, and Admon goes into the tank for a bit before sliding his cards down the felt for Abusada to take the pot.

Gabriel Abusada – 2,280,000 (57 bb).

Salim Admon – 1,050,000 (26 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo opens to 80,000 from early position and the action shifts to Eli Berg in the big blind, who calls.

The flop lands in the heart AClub 9Spade 2 and Berg checks. Abused continues for 65,000 and Berg calls.

The dealer burns and turns over Diamond 3 and the action passes.

Diamond 10 on the river completes the board and Berg checks. Abusada bets 165,000 and Berg mucks his cards.

Gabriel Abusada – 1,700,000 (43 bbs)

Eli Berg – 855,000 (21 bbs)

All the chips go to the middle before the flop with Gabriel Abusada James Castillo UTG+1 and with Darren Rabinowitz putting his tournament life on the line from the cutoff.

Rabinowitz: Heart JDiamond J

Abused: Heart AClub A

Rabinowitz is unable to find a jack in the runout Diamond 10Diamond 6Spade 5Spade 6Club 8 and is eliminated by Abusada as a result.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 690,000 (172 bb)

Darren Rabinowitz – eliminated

Over 20,000 is in the middle on a full board of Spades 9Heart 5Heart 5Club 5Club 8Spades 8 and the action is heads up between Elior Elia in the lojack and Gabriel Abusada James Castillo, who is on the button. Elia has checked and the action falls back to him, facing an overbet-shove to 34,400. Several moments pass, and he finally finds a call.

Abused: Diamond 3Club 3

Elia: AHeart 9

Abusada shows his pair of two-fakes, congratulates Elia on his good hand, and wishes the table good luck before leaving the tournament area. The pot goes to Elia for her nines.

"Very impressive," says her tablemate Gabriel Abusada. "Good call."

Elior Elia – 121,300 (151 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – eliminated